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Starbucks cake pops are amazing and attractive for children. Paper sticks are the indispensable material for cake balls.
Paper sticks for baby cake, cake pop, wedding cake pops, cupcake pops, truffle pops, marshmallow pop, cookies pop, sugar pop, lollipop, pie pops, chocolate pop are so hot in nowadays.
Paper stick can be put in oven with cakes. The cake pop is after the cupcake and to be popular in USA and Europe.
We offer 3’’, 4’’, 6’’, 8’’ and 12’’ paper sticks. Can be used for home-made, bakery cake pop, or confectionary plant.
Paper sticks used for food must be made of food-grade paper and produced in a clean workshop. The machine is specially used only for food-grade sticks to avoid being contaminated by daily-use paper. 
Comparing with traditional plastic stick, paper stick is healthier, stronger, softer look and more popular.
We offer top quality paper sticks with competitive price. The package is customizable, we will do as your request.
1) Food grade and made of wooden pulp paper
2) Green
3) Enviroment friendly
4) Sanitary
5) Safe
6) Top-quality
7) High strength and good looking
Cake pop
Pop stick
Cupcake pop
Treat pop
Cake sides
Truffle pops(muffin pop)
Cake balls
Starbucks cake pop
Home-made or bakery cake pop
Baby cakes cake pop
Stuff on a stick
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